Generation@ Report for Honduras
The Generation@ program in Honduras is advancing the kingdom of God in creative, unimaginable and impactful ways. Since the launching of the program, we have covered 4 full lessons and we can testify of the small but solid changes that are occurring in the lives of the students.
First of all, we can testify that trust and confidence has been established among the students and the peer facilitators. This process has helped to identify some inner and deeper needs and struggles that the young people are going through in their lives and the Generation @ Team is looking for ways to address these needs in order to provide assistance as to what is permitted to us but certainly a weapon we have and we use it is prayer. There are some cases that we need to present to the principals so they can be aware of the situations for some of them can be very touching and it may require legal help and from the authorities in order to provide a more holistic healing.
From the peer facilitators stand point of view, I have seen how they have been creative in the way how they teach and pass a point by using short videos on their Iphones, and they have used extra visual aid. They feel more comfortable and are more capable in teaching each lesson engaging each student in conversations, asking them questions and making sure the students are paying attention and understanding what is being taught.
We still face the challenge about space for not all the groups have a classroom to have their lesson in a more comfortable way and there are times where there is a lot of noise and this distracts the students but we keep doing our work and hoping the students will make an extra effort to concentrate and listen and learn as much as they can. In terms of attendance in each group and in each school, we only have from 1 to 3 students who miss the sessions due to sicknesses mainly.


The A Solas con Dios (One on One with God) discipleship program can be a tool that we may introduce to the peer facilitators to enhance their knowledge and skills as they continue to witness to the young people in the high schools. Most of the peer facilitators spent about 2 hours meeting with Jim Parker from Woodlands church and in charge of this new discipleship program and they were highly motivated and at the same time challenged to take this discipleship program.


The Generation @ Program in Honduras is working in 5 schools and we have done the Inner visioning process in 4 of them. During the month of April, we will be co pelting this process but we can say that we have the full support of each principal as well as the student’s counselors.

Luis Alonzo Fernandez is the principal of the high school Juan Alberto Melgar Castro from Cañaveral.

Mr. Jose Salvador Colindres is the principal of the Canada school in Peña Blanca.


 Out of the population of 20 millions in Latin-American, one out of five young people from 15 to 24 years of age do neither study nor works.
 Just in Honduras, the 26.8% of the population is trapped into this situation mentioned above which is the highest percentage in Latin America.
 The global population in Honduras is of 8,721,041 people. Out of this, 4,470,622 are women and 4,250,292 are men.
 The population between 15 to 25 years of age is 1,790,042 people.
 In 2015, the Honduran education system registered 1,958,522 students, 3,986 students less than in 2014 and there was a dropped out of 42,756 students.
 Most of the causes for school dropout are; family disintegration, death due to violence, internal and external migration and lack or absence of work provoking economical crisis.
 The pregnancy rate in Honduras in the teenage population is of 26% which is the highest rate in Latin America region.
February, 2016
The Generation@ program began in Honduras officially on Friday the 19th of February. With the help of the Women’s group from Woodlands Church, we launched the program in five high schools around the Yojoa lake area.
For the next three months, we will be touching the lives of 202 students in 5 school and we do pray and hope that our efforts and with the divine intervention and help from God, we can impact in their lives, bringing restoration, unity, fun times, growth and development in their lives. We are grateful ad thankful for the support of Woodlands church for enabling us to do this work with the youth in Honduras and through this partnership of faith, love, justice and service; we hope to impact this country in unimaginable ways securing the future leadership of this country.
Melvin, Antony, Dany, Jenny, Daisy and Lauri (not pictured Josias and Rony)

The project manager Melvin Flores, introducing the Generation @ program to the principal and teachers from the Santa Cruz High school.

Planning meetings with the peer facilitators before launching the Generation @ Program



Name of School Place

Number of Students


Number of Students

attending the first 


Session Schedule
Tiburcio Carias Andino Las Vegas 38 36 7-7:50AM
Instituto Canada Peña Blanca 37 36 9:30-10:20AM
Juan Alberto Melgar Cañaveral 43 43 10:45-11:35AM
Manuel de Jesus Subirana Rio Lindo 47 47 2:20-3:10PM
Tecnico Santa Cruz Santa Cruz de Yojoa 37 36 4:30-5:15PM
TOTAL   202 198  


Melvin posing with the 8th graders from the high school of Las Vegas.


The students of Tiburcio Carias Andino from Las Vegas holding their manuals


The 8th graders from the Juan Alberto Melgar high school from Cañaveral


Students from the Canada high school
Students from the Manuel de Jesus Subirana from Rio Lindo
Students from 8th grade from Santa Cruz High school